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Premier Christian Radio's long fight to keep it's transmission license was last week the subject of a House of Commons debate.

Over the summer Premier Christian Radio began negotiations with the national transmission provider to renew its licence and keep its national coverage on the Digital One network. During those negotiations it became clear that the intention was to increase Premier's rate substantially because of the demand for such a licence.

As it stands Premier Radio's national digital broadcasts will finish at the end of March. However, victory is closer today than it was yesterday. Now is the time to press on and take the next steps.
Your signed petition – along with others from friends and fellowship – will demonstrate that our Christian community does not want our voice to be silenced. Premier have so far received tens of thousands of completed letters of support but you can help make a noise that cannot be ignored.

Signing gthe petition shows demand for the broadcasting of regular news programmes, topical discussion and original commentary for our faith group and will press your MP to act.

Sign the #SavePremier petition now

WBC, 17/02/2015

 Church Life