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Smiling faces

Wednesday 30th March 2016

Hi all, Katie here.

Today kicked off with prayer and worship as a team, just preparing for the day ahead and getting our hearts right before God. We were put into smaller teams and split up for the day and then given different specific missions. Leon and I went first to visit a boy called Benson who used to live in the children's home.

One of the things the Kenyan Children's Project seeks to do is to, where possible, restore children back into their families and communities. Benson was one of these children that had successfully been restored back to his family. When we visited, he shared his story with us and showed where he used to live- one very small room in a mud hut that slept four people. Then he showed us his new home that the project we are working with had built for him and his family. It was amazing to see the transformation and hope that they had found. We then prayed for him and his family. His mother had very bad back pain through bending down all day. We prayed for her and she was instantly healed and had a big smile on her face!

The second part the day our group spent visiting one of the slums. We were immediately struck by the need and poverty surrounding us, but equally were faced with so many smiling faces and such beautiful people who wanted to share the very little they had with us. The project is doing many programmes to support and help the people that live there such as putting in a fresh water well and various school projects.

While we were there we went to visit one of the pre-schools. There were lots of children crammed into small mud hut classrooms, but every child was so happy to be there and were thriving in their learning. We played games with them and did crafts. At the end we had an opportunity to pray with the children. We asked for prayer requests and all these children wanted was more of God. We prayed line by line, it was translated into Swahili and then the children repeated it, all committing their hearts to walking with and trusting the Lord. It was very powerful and humbling. One of the ladies, Lucy, that regularly works here, said she'd never seen them respond like that. It was very hard to tear ourselves away from all the children- I wanted to cuddle them all day.

Later in the evening, we went to meet all the children from the orphanage, 43 children all living in the home, and many more that have been rehabilitated back to their homes, all being continually supported by the project. We ate, played, sang, danced and clapped. We heard many of their heartbreaking stories of how they came to be in the home and rejoiced at all God had done in rescuing them.

Isn't the God we serve amazing?

Roll on tomorrow.

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Katie Lynch, 31/03/2016

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