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Church parade


Sunday 3rd April 2016

Sunday morning started early with teams going out to six different churches of differing denominations in a variety of locations - a service for the children and staff at Koinonia; a high school service for 1100 boys; an Anglican church with back-to-back services in English and Swahili; Abundant Life church where some of the KCP ex-pats worship regularly; a village mud hut church and a Pentecostal church, spiritual home to another ex-pat couple. We had the privilege in most of the venues to preach and pray for the people. In every place we were treated like visiting royalty which was so humbling and overwhelming.

After church we had some chill out time. Leon represented us in the Kenya v Muzungu football match with some of the older boys from Koi. (Kenya 0 - Muzungo 1). Meanwhile Katie, Ellie and I spent some time with the younger children at Koi, playing games, blowing bubbles and chatting. They were interested to hear about how we live, asking about our families, homes, cars - all the things we take for granted. It felt strange showing Diana a picture of our house - the contrast must have seemed immense to her and her life in Koi.

After dinner back at the guest house each evening, we take time to share testimonies from the day. This is such a special time as we hear about all that God has been doing and how people have been blessed , healed, saved, set free. At the boys school, 300 gave their lives to Jesus for the first time. Afterwards, among many healings, a boy with a broken ankle and on crutches was running round the field without any pain or disability. At the village church, a woman with 'milky' eyes and arthritic knees ended up with bright sparkling eyes and threw her sticks away so she could dance in worship for half an hour. You can imagine our response in worship as we sang "You are worthy of it all, for from you are all things, and to you are all things, you deserve the glory."

Today, Monday, is our rest day at a retreat centre in the rain forest. Lovely surroundings, monkeys, eagles and many colourful birds, good food, encouraging fellowship and ... RAIN! Somehow we expected sunshine in the rain forest! The roads are turning from very bumpy dirt roads to orange/brown rivers of mud - will we ever get home????

Don't miss tomorrow's exciting instalment...

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Neil Spencer, 04/04/2016

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