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Hands to build a house, hearts to build a home

Wednesday 6th April 2016

KCP's local counterpart is the Children's Transformation Project, Kenya (CTPK) and transformation of individual lives, families and communities is at the heart of their vision. Today we were at Mndulu village to help build a new mud hut home for a shosho (grandmother) and her grandchildren. Their old hut was in a very poor state - the roof rotten and partly collapsed leaving only a tiny floor space still protected from the rain.  We heard a little of the family's heart-breaking story - mother died leaving four children who, by tradition, become shosho's responsibility.  We were instructed and supervised by the children's father.

The wooden frame was already erected and the corrugated iron roof on. Other teams had been before us and the first layer of mud was already applied. Our task was to prepare the mud - soil dug from right outside the home and mixed with water by trampling it with our bare feet - and then flinging at the walls. This was hilarious and most people were well and truly plastered at the end.

We were then taken in small groups to visit Irene who lives nearby. We were deeply shocked when we visited her last year to see how poor and uncared for she and her four children were and how they lived in their 10 feet square, smoke-filled, dilapidated hut with almost no possessions. What a transformation! They now have a brand new three room hut with bedrooms, beds, concrete (instead of mud) floors, proper beds and their old hut has been repaired to serve as a kitchen and store. The children are well fed, clean, jigger-free and in school. They were so proud and delighted to show us their exercise books. The husband is now back home and they have been helped with family and alcohol therapy as well as some support to farm their land. All this has been funded and supported by KCP through CTPK and their local team of trained social workers.

After this heart-warming and satisfying day (and obligatory showers all round to get rid of the mud) we returned to Koi for a special time of worship and being filled with Holy Spirit for children, staff, our mission team and other local missionaries. It was humbling to see the children, most with such tragic backgrounds, being restored and renewed by the Father's love. A communal outdoor feast of rice, beans and cabbage brought the day to a close but with some sadness as this was our last time with the lovely children. Loads of hugs and not a few tears as we said our goodbyes.

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