Liberti magazine- your contemporary Christian women's glossy read

Liberti magazine

Liberti magazine is full of inspirational interviews and articles and is available for £1 at WBC


Liberti magazine is a vibrant, contemporary magazine with a heart for freedom.

It has a vision to reach women all over the country, and beyond, with the message that Jesus was good news to women, that he went out of his way to honour, restore and release them and that he still does.

The magazine is available for sale at the usual cost of £3.50 per issue, but is available for a donation of £1 to us at WBC.

You may remember having a flick through the latest copy at our last Women’s Breakfast and copies will be on sale for the next few Sundays in the church.
Please see Lisa Leonce after the service if you have any questions.

The magazine is currently published four times a year and is full of inspirational interviews and articles answering the same questions that you find addressed in Cosmopolitan, Red and other women’s magazines that you find on the shelf at the newsagents. It looks at real issues faced by real women living in the real world but with one key difference. Liberti won’t tell you that you need to be thinner, blonder or smoother, it won’t tell you that you’re not matching up to an ‘ideal’ constructed by a world out of control and it won’t give you ten ways to please your man. They call it ‘speaking the world’s language with a Kingdom accent’.

Liberti is a great read and makes for a less "in your face" approach to sharing the good news so pick up a copy for yourselves or leave a copy at your doctor’s surgery, dentist, hairdresser’s, at work or anywhere people might stop and stumble across something meaningful!

WBC, 04/08/2016

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